Happy Friday! Excuse the slight post delay. Let’s start with a disclaimer, I have been blessed to not have struggled much with my skin. Call it genetics, or what have you, I just thought I should share that and clarify that this is a routine being used by someone who doesn’t tend to have problem skin. However, just because I don’t have problem skin doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be keeping up with it, right? Right.

With that, here are a few ways I go about keeping up with my dryer, winter skin, which btw, is normal to oily. My t-zone can get rather oily along with my eyelids, blech. After a consultation with one of the sales reps at Kiehl’s a few months back, these are the products I decided to invest in, because it was an investment, for me.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize 

From the start of your regimen to the finish, moisture is key. The Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash is a gel formulated cleanser that gently cleanses the skin and leaves your face feeling fresh and clean and moisturized, not tight and dry. I have the formula made for normal-to-oily skin types, and I love it.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, my favorite product of all of the items I picked up, is a 24-hour, light textured daily moisturizer that makes my skin feel so soft. I have to remember not to touch my face too much (also a good trick to having great skin) when I’m wearing it because it just feels so nice!


I use Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion three times a week as it’s a harsher, deeper exfoliant. It’s made up of natural micro shells that when used feel like a zillion tiny beads on your face. I tend to focus this exfoliant around my t-zone, especially the nose area where pores can be prominent. It’s a really nice experience that leaves my skin feeling extremely refreshed. I follow with the aforementioned cleanser when I’m done.

Every other day, I use the Skin brightening Exfoliator test tube they gave me with my purchase. I like it more as a cleanser, though as I feel like the beads are too sparse. Maybe it’s the smaller tube?

Drink LOTS of water and try sticking to a healthier diet

This one’s self-explanatory. What goes into your body affects what people are looking at on the outside. I try to eat fairly healthy (It’s hard, ok?), including no dairy other than greek yogurt, VERY little red meat, LOTS of greens/veggies and I think you get the picture. Just do your best to eat better, trust me, your skin and your less-bloated belly will thank you for it.


One last thing I want to note about these products is that they’re on the expensive side, but a little of each goes a LONG way, and healthy, beautiful skin I’d say is a worthy investment. Which products are you using to maintain your skin? Sound off in the comments below :).

My skin, unfiltered, unedited, unmakeup… you get the picture, ha.


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