One of my resolutions goals this year is to step it up in the taking even better and more consistent care of my hair department. Life gets so in the way sometimes that I’ve neglected my seasonally dry tresses on one to0 many occasions.

The steps I’ve personally started taking toward achieving this goal include the following:

Sticking to dreaded wash days once a week: 

Sorry, not sorry, but I wholeheartedly dread this day. I really wish it wouldn’t take literal hours of standing in the shower carefully pulling apart knots that have formed at my ends. Like, I have to plan half of my day or night for this process. This is why frequency in hair-washing is important; because the longer you let your hair go in between wash days, the more time you’re going to be spending raking through tangles. For my (4b-cish area) curls, washing them weekly makes the process a much smoother, shorter one. My wash day consists of an apple cider vinegar rinse and finger detangling of my hair, followed by co-washing (and shampoo every two weeks), followed by a deep condition and then rinse out.

Deep conditioning EVERY wash day:

This is especially important during the cold winter months. The name of the game when taking care of one’s hair in the winter is moisture retention. A deep conditioner will provide that DEEP moisture your hair will need to combat the harsh winter conditions in-between wash days. I typically use one of Shea Moistures deep conditioning masks. I’m currently trying out their SuperFruit Complex 10-IN-1 Renewal System Hair Masque. So far, it smells really good, moisturizes the hell out of my hair and provides great slip for detangling. Other times, I’ll actually just leave my As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner on under a shower cap for 30 minutes, and that works well too.

Implementing The LOC or LCO Method:

The LOC or LCO method is the process of moisturizing your hair with water or water based conditioner followed by either an oil and cream combo or a cream and oil combo; the effectiveness of either option depends on how your hair responds. I’ve just started implementing the LOC way, and my hair LOVES it. It stays moisturized for the entire week between my washes. Trust me, try this, your hair is going to bounce with joy (pun intended).

When I’m finished washing my hair, I apply my As I Am Detangling Leave-In Conditioner, followed by 100% pure coconut oil followed by my As I Am Double Butter Cream. If I’m doing a wash and go, and need extra curl definition, I slap on (ok, carefully rake through) my As I am Curling Jelly and hit the road, or sidewalk or whatever.

Invest in Quality Hair Care Products (To The Best of Your Pockets)

Luckily, As I Am products are very reasonably priced! I’ve been using the products for almost a year now and, as a non-product junkie (sort of), if something sticks, I stick with it. My hair feels great after using the products and they are paraben and the kicker? Their products are free of sulfates, mineral oil, parabens, silicones and so on!

So anyhow, you can find these products at your local Target or drugstores like Rite Aid and Walgreens. That’s my two cents on this topic. What products are my fellow naturals currently enjoying? The next line I want to try is The Mane Choice, have any of you tried their products? Thoughts?



I follow the same routine most every week, deep conditin with a masque, several out there. And i keet the ends trimmed.


Yes! It seems to be working for my hair, and I tend to stick with what works, ha. Thanks for stopping by!


Yes it works very well on my hair I love the curling jail and the moisturizer and the shampoo I love all the products buy as I am


Yes I love all the as I am products I love the curling gel I love the moisturizing cream and the shampoo all the products it works very well for me and my hair I love the natural look.

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