TGIF! Wow has it been a week, y’all. I’ve slept between 3-4 hours every night this week, which is unreal if you know me. I LOVES my sleep, ok? But that’s the thing about working for yourself, sometimes, you have no choice. More on that in another post. I wrote this post almost exactly a year ago, and I wanted to re-share. Partly because I needed a to revisit it as a reminder to myself to calm tf down in light of feelings of impatience resurfacing these past few weeks, and also because what I’m laying out in this post is generationally relevant — as is the outfit, haha. So, if you’ve been feeling really impatient with the way things are going in whatever part of your journey you’re on, read on.

Happy Monday all! Is it just me, or did this weekend, in particular, go by in the blink of an eye? Also, can it just be Spring already? *Deep sigh* – (I felt the same way this year, sis.)

Anyway, before I get into today’s look, I want to chat briefly about patience. More specifically, this idea of embracing the process of one’s everyday life and/or work rather than solely focusing on results. It was at the last job I had, before moving to NYC, when I was first ever really introduced to this concept — one that takes LOTS of patience to develop.

Bold Spring outfit. Yellow dress, affro, cropped ripped jeans, ripped jeans, orange heels, minimal heels (2 of 12) Bold Spring outfit. Yellow dress, affro, cropped ripped jeans, ripped jeans, orange heels, minimal heels (6 of 12)Yellow-dress,-affro,-cropped-ripped-jeans,-ripped-jeans,-orange-heels,-minimal-heels-(7-of-12)

I think this is something a lot of my fellow millennials young professionals can relate to. You know, that nagging feeling of constantly being behind with everything you’re trying to do? I’m not just talking about getting behind on your daily tasks, but feeling behind amongst the community of your peers in whatever industry you’re in.  All right, so what, you’re friend Julie from college got a job right out of school at a big-name company. Sure, your office BFF, John, knew pretty much from his freshman year of college that he wanted to become a lawyer and is now running his own practice. What does that have to do with you? Nothing. Nothing at all I tell you! We all have our own paths. The trajectory of those paths drastically varies depending on a number of circumstances;

“and one common misconception that I urge you to rid yourself of is that you’re “behind.”

This message especially pertains t0 those of you who are putting in countless hours and are consistently making moves toward reaching whatever goals you have set for yourself, and yet, you aren’t seeing the results you want as quickly as you think you should be seeing them. When that happens, you re-evaluate everything you’re doing and convince yourself that it’s not enough — at least, this is what I do: which then leads to you working even harder, possibly — and often — to the point where it’s affecting your health, and the perpetual black hole of feeling like a failure deepens. Look, the pressure to reach “success” at a typically unrealistically rapid rate is real. I’m bombarded by that pressure daily, however, overnight success stories are very few and far between.

“The winners who come out on top did so by putting in the time that’s essential for building a solid framework and foundation in which their success stemmed from.”

Entrepreneur, investor & best-selling author, Gary Vaynerchuk, regularly touches on this concept. He reminded me of it via one of his Snapchat stories this past weekend, and it prompted me to take a step back, embrace how far I’ve come and continue to move forward, accepting and embracing the process of it all.

Have you guys ever had that dreaded nagging voice in your heads? What does it say and how do you deal with it? 



And more pics of my lewk, as if you haven’t already seen enough. *insert eye-roll emoji*Bold Spring outfit. Yellow-dress,-affro,-cropped-ripped-jeans,-ripped-jeans,-orange-heels,-minimal-heels-(12-of-12)

Bold Spring outfit. Yellow-dress,-affro,-cropped-ripped-jeans,-ripped-jeans,-orange-heels,-minimal-heels-(9-of-12) Bold Spring outfit. Yellow-dress,-affro,-cropped-ripped-jeans,-ripped-jeans,-orange-heels,-minimal-heels-(8-of-12)Yellow-dress,-affro,-cropped-ripped-jeans,-ripped-jeans,-orange-heels,-minimal-heels-(1-of-12)

I had the pleasure of doing some exploring and shooting for a project I’ll share with you guys next week this past weekend. Despite the cooler temps, I wanted to channel my inner Solange and pair some bold colors together for a look that’d be perfect for spring, when the weather complies. Hope you guys like the look! Until next time :D.

You’re in luck if you like this look as I went back and found similar pieces for you to shop that are currently in-stock :).




Great words of advice!! ?? and that shoe/clutch combo!!! ? So ready for Spring!!!


I’m so ready, too! Ugh! Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by and having a read! 😀


My nagging voice tells me “I am not doing enough.” Even though it’s annoying, it drives me to do more. I take mental breaks(more and more often these days) periodically through the day. My mental breaks include: phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode, no social media, and reading a chapter of my favorite book. I found that even though I’m taking some time away from my tasks, the rejuvenation I gain is actually what makes me more productive than if I hadn’t taken the break..


First of all, that voice can go and have several seats. That’s the thing though, we all experience it. What’s important is how we deal with its inevitability, and I’m not surprised that you’re handling it in such productive and healthy ways. I’ve been adopting some of the same practices like having my phone in do not disturb, and waking away from my work every few hours. It’s so necessary.

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