The fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries have been outlets for my life long journey of self-discovery at every capacity. From the way I present myself, to the skill sets I possess to my career choices, fashion has been and continues to be, the driving force for figuring it all out. Fashion is a mere extension and enhancement of me.  

The story of self-discovery through fashion led me to blogging. Aside from simply being a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, The Moda Intersection is a platform for inspiring young women. It is as a tool for self-discovery, developing self-confidence and self-love. A place for artistic expression and doing what I love.

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I met you in JC Penny today… Love your site lots of great ideas… I see what you were telling me about the print pants… I’m going to try it. 🙂


Yay!!! Always happy to have a little influence on enhancing one’s wardrobe :). You should email me a picture or something so I can see how it turned out! Thanks for checking out my site :).

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