So I’m back from a brief digital hiatus to bring you this increasingly less rare display of me dressed down. 

A few weeks back, my favorite thrift store, Beacons Closet invited me to participate in a budgeted-friendly style challenge. Tasked with putting a look together that cost no more than $100 bucks is my kind of challenge.


This look features two of the four pieces I discovered for $100 at their flagship location in Brooklyn; the oversized denim jacket deal and the oversized navy sweater.

The added trick to slaying within budget? Mix newly bought pieces with items you already own, which I can’t stress enough. With an increasingly busy schedule, and blah weather stunting my desire to go all out, stylish comfort has been my go-to as of late.

How do you guys feel about this look considering it’s one that’s a bit out of my comfort zone, (I mean, look at that high bun)? Let me know and check me out on Beacon Closet’s blog struttin’ in my frugal relaxed look.


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