I’m going to skip the fact that it’s been a while since I posted, and jump right into the good stuff, all right? All right. So, want to know the first thing on my mind when planning my outfit for yesterday’s above 80 degree NYC weather? Layers. Yup, the exercise in how to expertly pair red with yellow without looking like a hot dog’s best companion, that’s typically reserved for the cooler of seasons.

I was initially going to reach for a throw-on-and-go number, but it was the first really nice day we’ve had in a while. And on days like that, in my vitamin-d-induced high, I actually believe I can pull off, anything.

And so it was. I layered up, and you can too — granted you do these 3 things:

Start with light, airy pieces and fabrics:

This is the primary secret to summer layering that won’t have you drowning in your own sweat-pool. Reach for oversized dresses and midi skirts in fabrics like linen and cotton to activate optimal feel cool, look cooler status.

Consider your accessories as layering pieces:

Artful accessory pairing lends itself to added outfit dimension and is a chance for you to up the quirk factor of your layered look. This is your chance to get risky.

Balance bold print choices with a focal hue:

One of my tricks for pulling off bold prints is balancing it out with a bold color. It’s an almost full-proof way to look pulled together as opposed to sloppy.

Style photos courtesy of my laugher-in-crime, Mel B.

If you’re still not convinced that summer-friendly layering is a thing, here’s more proof:

I’m going to style a variation of this look. Watch me.
Firstly, Janee is bae (rhyming unintentional. Secondly, If you’re bold enough to wear pants in 80-degree weather, this is how you should do it.
This look just screams I feel cool and I am cool. Also, I need to invest in a sheer top stat!


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