NYFW has come and gone, but the excitement from my experience still lingers. I actually wasn’t planning to participate this time around due to not being as prepared as I would’ve liked. Thanks to the prodding of friends, and the call of invites, I decided to just wing it. Boy am I happy I did! And here are some highlights from the first day I went (I only attended two days out of the week and attended 5 shows. Enjoy!

A Glimpse at What I Wore

I managed to throw together a few outfits, haha. This one features my previously worn Protect Her sweatshirt from DSE that I wear way too often if there’s such a thing. Also featuring this snazzy H&M blazer I borrowed from ShopStyle’s Social House.

Shots courtesy of Mel <3

Gypsy Sport Fall ’17 Behind the Scenes with Bumble and Bumble

I owe my first NYFW backstage experience before the Gypsy Sport show to the fine folks at Bumble and Bumble, and my good friend, Melissa! There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing all of the hard work that goes into the shows. It’s a great reminder of how much we should appreciate this piece of the artistry that is fashion. The bonus? We got to see the show as well! It was the most diverse show I’ve ever seen.


Leanne Marshall Fall ’17 Highlights

As usual, Leanne Marshall did not disappoint. Her new collection maintained it’s ethereal and dreamy reputation, but she surprised me with the introduction of a few ready-to-wear pieces that I NEEDED.


That’s all I have for now. Because I wasn’t as prepared for this season of NYFW, I made it a point to sit and take in the experience, phone and camera tucked away. Have a great weekend! 😀


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