Because it’s a classic! More on that further down.

I think it’s officially safe to say that Spring has sprung here in NYC. The green on the trees, the colorful buds about ready to bloom, the massive amounts of people traffic in the city (in which I’ve just about mastered effortlessly weaving through) and my re-emerged sneezing attacks are proof. And so is the perpetual resurrection of denim jackets. Specifically, the oversized denim jacket — which reigns supreme.

I’m not mad at it. Granted, I’m biased because I’ve always loved the oversized look. Whether it’s a denim jacket, a cool bomber, or an oversized chunky sweater layered to perfection, I’ve always veered toward that look. It’s easy, comfortable, and is pretty difficult to mess up.


I’m a nerd and utilize features on Instagram like the save for later flag when I REALLY like a post. I came across this look Sylvia Jade styled featuring an oversized denim jacket, and it reminded me that I needed to get on investing in one for the season! I spotted what I deemed to be the PERFECT oversized denim jacket on Oak and Fort, but, before taking the plunge, I took my chances at a vintage store I’d been wanting to check out for some time. Surprise, surprise, not Beacon’s Closet! I stumbled into The Vintage Twin pop-up in Soho a few weeks back and vowed to come back.

That’s where I found it. The PERFECT oversized denim jacket. Funny enough, it ended up being the same price as the Oak and Fort Jacket, but it is a vintage Levis Strauss jacket that’s sure to last me for quite some time.

In conclusion, you should embrace this reoccurring trend because it’s a classic, it’s extremely versatile, and works well on a lot of people.


What are your thoughts on oversized denim jackets? 


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