No matter how I style my fro, I feel like I’m a walking 70s billboard. And I have no qualms about it. It’s my favorite era of fashion after all. A time that spearheaded the release of wide-spread self-acceptance, reigning individuality, and freedom of expression (particularly amongst African-Americans). I.E., everything my dense and increasingly face-swallowing fro represents to me.

The challenge of modernizing elements of 70s fashion is exhilarating, and also, you guessed it, a challenge. Especially when we’re talking about styling an afro — an art form in and of itself if you ask me. To make matters worse, there aren’t a lot of resources or inspiration for pairing the right clothes to your fro. This is what inspired me writing this guide to styling your natural hair at any given stage blog post for CRWN magazine.

This outfit — where a bit of vintage, 17th and 18th-century ruffle collar action is sprinkled in — came together by sheer luck — and EVERYTHING is from Beacons Closet (Well, the earrings are from Urban Outfitters, ha). Believe it or not, I don’t have a full-length mirror in my apt (yet), and most of the time, I have no idea how I look when I walk out of the house until I pass by a reflective window and sneak a peek at myself (we all do it). Luckily for me, it was one of those looks that just worked.

For all my fro-wearing folks, do you have a full-proof method for styling it? Let me know in the comments below, and have a look at some similar pieces I’ve rounded up for you to try. Bonus, this sort of outfit would look great at any stage of your fro-growing journey!

 Captures courtesy of Simone




How you gonna slay my life when I’m trying to go to school and get my shit together? I love everything about this look. Where that purse from DOE? 😂😇


You are entirely too much, hahahaha. The purse is a vintage find from Beacons Closet! It’s everything, right?


I’m so envious of your fro! Mine is a floppy mess lol. Perfect outfit for these days of multiple seasons. Love!


Girl thank you! I’m sure yours is beautiful, gosh lol. And I need these seasons to get it together, right? Thanks for havin’ a read!

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