Welp, how about that? A new year. One that marks me being in New York for a full year, a feat, apparently. And in the first few weeks of this new year, I’ve done a lot of reflecting, as we all do. Looking back on the time I’ve been here and asking myself, “how?” How did/am I managing this overwhelmingly, underwhelming melting pot of “the constant,” without going that crazy?

Part of the reason? Because of my mom, because of my sisters, because of my closest gal pals. Because of “her.” My woman-warrior guardians, if you will, that have, and continue to stay by my side, supporting me, whether near or far.

My good friend, Detroit native, stellar artist, and entrepreneur, James of DSE Detroit, introduced me to his latest art series “The Protect Series.” I jumped on the chance to style one of the new pieces from the collection. Firstly, a chance to connect back to Detroit considering I haven’t been back home since moving here, is refreshing. It’s not like actually going home, but it’ll get me through, for now.

Beyond that, I appreciate how this collection is based on an artist’s vision, bringing life to such a meaningful, important, and relevant message. This concept of being on guard for the people who walk life with you, whether it’s him or her, young or old, blue or orange. It’s imperative to one’s success, at least in my journey. And admittedly, this is a concept that I feel I could be better at. It’s easy, especially in NYC, to let the hustle get in the way of being fully present when maintaining these relations with “her.” So if anything, let this post be a reminder to stop for a minute and acknowledge the special women in your life. Take it a step further than simply sending a text. Give her a call, write her a thoughtful letter. Because at the end of the day, without her, where would you be?

Style photos by the hilarious @simoneyshot


DSE Detroit “Protect Her” French Terry Crew Neck

Zara Leather Jacket (Less than $40!)

Urban Outfitter Silver Boots

Devonrae Jones Skirt (old)

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